Friday, July 1, 2016

Starting an informal tally worldwide for Niall Harrison of those who do use the ''cli-fi'' term ( short for ''climate fiction'')

RE: '....might start a tally of those who do use the 'cli-fi' term and are comfortable with it...''

Good idea. To help you get your bearings, Niall, here's a starting tally of those who do use the "cli-fi" term either as a standalone literary genre, or a subgenre, a motif, a meme, or a general media and headline buzzword for news articles in the New York Times and the Guardian, among 200 others publications in print and online:

NOTE for ACADEMICS KEEPING TRACK OF SUCH THINGS: the ''Cli-Fi'' term appears 16 times in this 2000 word article. As in the main website of

Hollywood's Missed, and Mixed, Messages     

In 2016, for the first time in 13 years, no full-length fictional film will address climate change.

Jennifer Wicke ....and 100s more.

Among them:

Wai Chee Dimock
Sarah Holding
Richard Crownshaw
David Thorpe
Donna Thompson

Margaret Atwood
Meg Little Reilly
David Brin (as a subgenre)
Terry Harpold
Jean-Marc Ligny

Bruno Arpaia
Rodge Glass
Philip Judge

Jesper Weithz

Antti Tuomainen
Emmi Itaranta
Sarah Stankorb
Ellen Szabo
Stephen Siperstein
Stephanie Lemenager

Ted Howell
Rio Fernandes
Sina Farzin
Spencer Robins -- Spencer Robins is a teacher and student of literature. He lives in Los Angeles.!
Jim O'Donnell

Jonathan Sturgeon,

Jean-Marc Ligny,

Jason Mark,


Pamela Paul,

Gregory Cowles,

Susan Ellingwood,

Natalie Shulter,

Room for Debate - NYT,

Ilija Trojanow,

Ethan Cohen,

Ethan Marshall Cohen,


Hamish MacDonald

Jim  Laughter, Tulsa

Angela Evancie, NPR

Nathaniel Rich - NYPL

Elizabeth Kolbert NYPL

Andrew C Revkin - Dot Earth blog, NYT

Richard Chen


Sveta Lin

The Guardian newspaper
The Telegraph Newspaper
The Sydney Morning Herald
The New York Times
The Boston Globe
The Australian
The Age
The Japan Times
The Associated Press
Reueters News Service
Le Monde

James Bradley  (as a subgenre)
Cat Sparks  (as a subgenre)
Mireille Juchau
Alice Robinon
KSR  (as a subgenre)
Torstein Vi├░dalr
Anneliese Schultz

Andrew Milner  (as a subgenre) 
David Holmes,
Scott Thill
Amy Chambers
Glyn Morgan  (as a subgenre)
Sam Robinson
Alex Goodbody
Danilo Taino
Elisa Cozzatini
Teia Maman
George Marshall
Saci Lloyd
Jane Davidson

Lex Townsend (she tweeted about the 'Cli-fi' panel at Continuum)
Don Bredes
Dede Cummings
Lisa Devaney
Kathryn Blume
Bethan Forrest
David Reid
Edward l. Rubin

Joe Follansbee

Jessica George
Greg Kleiner
Heather Sullivan
Heather Rutledge
Josh Weinberger
Clarke Owens

Liz Jensen
Kate Rigby
Jane Dawson
Gillian Kendall
Gerry Canavan  (as a subgenre)
Jennifer Fliss



Anyone else?

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