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Cli-fi scenario: Worst case scenario – 2035 and beyoond


Khannea Suntzu
By Khannea Suntzu

Jun 29, 2016

Insane climate change,
insane mass-migration

 Climate change is a function of emission of carbon compounds in to the atmosphere, and therein lies a painful truth – impoverished nations use more carbon-emitting technologies to survive. Have a look at India right now, which seems to be an almost ideal canvas for the kind of society we may see world wide after 2075 – hot, massively overcrowded, very divided in income, deeply traumatized, very dirty and extremely competitive.

With no basic income anywhere people will migrate at the drop of a hat, and will do so in almost absurd numbers by today’s measurements. This will create a completely new kind of global society where countries and borders have sharply diminished relevance, where people will globally form enclaves based on ethnicity and where people from all continents will have a presence mostly everywhere – and in absurdly high numbers. I remain torn on population growth levels. It can go either way, as examples of dystopian environments in Russia and Western African contrast with each other.

A major player in this arrhythmic will be the spread of Islam – frankly christian values are ill-equipped to deal with a hot, crowded, extremely violent and desperate reality – not that the bible is anything less vicious in its core values – it’s more that right now Islam is already pretty radical in most Islamic countries, and it is already primarily a poor people’s religion. Islam will no doubt spread and multiply in to new forms of activism, social organization and territorialism. If things get really bad, by 2075 half the world or more will qualify as a failed state by today’s standards (think Libya, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, etc) -p and the other half will be corporate dictatorships. It takes only a very modest level of population growth to quickly produce insane results. Even with low birth rates of about 3, we see doubling rates over a few decades.

That leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the world will have absolute maximum populations by 2100 – probably about 14 billion. In such a world to have offspring is one of the few remaining values, and those who don’t play that game will experience displacement, and those who do indulge will quickly see their value systems spread. It should be self-evident, again, that Sharia Islam as a societal paradigm is ideally equipped to reap benefits of this.

As a side note – I do think it is possible to have 10+ billion humans on a completely ravaged, overcrowded, hot house earth for literally centuries, without major nuclear wars or die-offs. People can survive on surprisingly little compared to existing spoiled rotten US/EU standards of living, and while a world of this aspect may not be sustainable for millenia, it certainly may be for centuries. It won’t be a dark age, it will be a very violent, very nasty sweltering hot age.

 As a second side note – I do not believe the example of overcrowded rat populations, as in “the Behavioral Sink” will emerge, expect occasionally and locally.

Khannea Suntzu describes herself as cosmist, cosmicist, upwinger, socialist-libertarian, hedonist and abolitionist. Khannea is a woman of transgender origin, and currently lives in the Netherlands.

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