Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reading on screens is not ''reading'' per se; it is screening ....

It is my hunch that reading
on screens is not "reading" per se, but a new form of human reading,
and I call it "screening" for now until a better word comes down the
line, and it will, someday. Soon. I have been trying to alert the
media and newspapers to this but not one reporter will interview me. I
have contacted Newsweeka and Time and the NYTimes and Atlantic and the
Boston Globe and not one outlet will publish my eccentric views on
this. But watch: future MRI scan studies at Tufts and UCLa will prove
that reading on paper surfaces lights up different parts of our brains
vs when we read on screens and that reading on paper is vastly
superiod for processing of info, retention of info, analysis of info
and critical thinking about the info read. I have no PHD so nobody
listens to me, but let some Times reporter interview Dr Wold and Dr
Tenner and Anne Mangen in Norway, and Paul Saffo and Kevin Kelly and
Marvin Minsky, they all agree with me. The Times will listent to
them. Sharon Begley at Newsweek is writing a big cover story about
this now. As in the New York Times Sunday magazine and Time has a
summer cover on this too. See more at my blogs.

To sum up: reading on screens is not reading per se. it is a new form
of human reading, vastly inferior to paper reading. but what does this
mean for the future of civilization and does anybody care? I do.

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