Wednesday, June 23, 2010

American climate activist Danny Bloom's files hacked on ''POLAR CITIES'' work, 4 years of work deleted by mysterious hackers on gmail account

GOOGLE CENTRAL -- June 23, 2010

An American climate activist, who closely follows future scenario
predictions of James Lovelock and others, and who has come up with the
of polar cities for survivors of future climate chaos events in the
distant future, say year 2500 or so, has had his gmail account broken
into and his files for "polar cities" completely deleted from his
gmail account, four years' worth of emails and news links -- 3000 emails and news clips in all.

Bloom, 61 going on 100, he feels, says he has no idea who did it, but he does know that his
gmail account was hacked a week ago, because Gmail HQ told him and
asked him to make a new password in order to use his account.

What is strange, Bloom says, is that of his 25 miscellaneous files,
only one file was deleted, and that was his file marked POLAR CITIES.
The other 24 files were not

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