Monday, June 21, 2010

Polar cities activist crusader files hacked and deleted at gmail account. Who did it and why? Lost and gone forever!


I recently had my polar cities climate activist files hacked and deleted on my gmail account, the hackers came in and of my 25 files, only attacked my files marked [polar cities] and inside the file was about 3000 emails and news links from top scientists around the world, both pro and con climate change....and all my other 24 files were left untouched! Not only that, the hackers deleted the 3000 emails and links completely, they did not even go to trash where I might find them, they just disppaeared completely and these include emails, none of them toxic, from Times reporters too, Andy Revkin among them, John Tierney and UK scientist James Lovelock, my entire 4 years of work on polar cities deleted by who? I have tried to contact gmail and no response. The gmail forums help but not enough. I know what happened but now i want to know who did it and where those emails are now and was this a black op from FBI KGB MI5 CIA or just the known opposition of the rightwing denialists. Thing is, I am small potatoes, there is nothing, was nothing, in my files worth looking for.

Since I am am a reporter,.....I aim to track this
down.....I have top contacts with top editors and reporters at
NYTimes, AP reuters CNN and BBC and I am to crack this open, but how?
The info i lost was not important, and nothing was compromised, but

1. an inconvenience and
2. a weird feeling of being violated but by WHOM and whY

3. does this maybe have somethind to do with the Climategate thing in
UK and somehow the paper trail leads to some of my emails?

......what is so weird is that whoever
came in to my account only came to delete my entire 4 years of polar
emails files which include emails from Andy Revkin and James
Lovelock, but NOTHING compromising, so why?

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