Sunday, March 19, 2017

LOCUS - Paul di Filippo reviews Kim Stanley Robinson's NEW YORK 2140 with thumbs up and a cli-fi shout out as well! BRAVO

''Although I have read almost everything written by Kim Stanley Robinson, I regret to say that one major gap in my coverage of his work exists: the Science in the Capitalcli-fi” series, which consists of Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below and Sixty Days and Counting (recently updated and abridged into a single novel, Green Earth). Luckily for me, his new book, although thematically allied by obvious signifiers to this earlier series, offers a fresh and welcoming reboot, with ten years of additional insights, into Robinson’s take on the immense and impactful climate change problem.'' -- Paul di Filippo…/paul-di-filippo-reviews-kim-stan…/

SF critic for SF magazine LOCUS magazine Paul Di Filippo reviews Kim Stanley Robinson's NEW YORK 2140, comparing it here with KSR's earlier Science in the Capital “cli-fi” series, from ten years earlier. Another example of a sci fi book reviewer using the "cli-fi" term in print and for everyone in the sci-fi community to see, including Kim Stanley Robinson and his editors at TOR books. Another milesone in the march forward!

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