Monday, March 6, 2017

In episode 32 of ''America Adapts,'' climate activist Douglas Parsons talks with literary critic Amy Brady

In episode 32 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with literary critic Amy Brady:

“Cli-Fi” with Amy Brady, Senior Editor with the Chicago Review of Books. 

Amy has started a monthly column dedicated specifically to cli-fi novels and trends called "Burning Worlds."

Doug and Amy cover such diverse topics as:

CLI-FI – What is Cli-Fi? Learn the history of this emerging genre of fiction.

BURNING WORLDS - Amy describes her new monthly column focusing on this emerging field and what she hopes to accomplish with the column.

AUTHOR AS CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVIST – Amy explains the backgrounds of various Cli-Fi authors and how some see their role as inspiring readers to take action on climate change.

SCIENCE FICTION OR HIGH ART – Since Cli Fi is such a new area of genre fiction, it’s unclear if it’s considered just another form of science fiction, that is to say, a subgenre of SF, or something else, perhaps a separate and standalone genre. Doug and Amy discuss the rise of the genre.

SCIENCE OR SCIENCE FICTION – Doug and Amy discuss the use of sound science in writing Cli-Fi and what responsibilities authors feel in using science in writing fiction.

THE NUCLEAR AGE.... VERSUS.... THE CLIMATE AGE – Doug and Amy discuss the parallels between the nuclear age of the
50s and
60s and how that drove science fiction writing and how climate change will influence literature.

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