Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jesus did not take a selfie

Jesus did not take a selfie
''A Sunday Sermon'' - part 8
When Jesus came down from the Cross, the New Testament teaches, "He did not know that his face was aglow (Ex. 34:29)" nor that it was time to take a so-called ''selfie.''
This anti-selfie prayer is one of the most inspiring verses in the New Testament, awaiting our age to reveal its full depth. Today the slightest sliver of charisma is noted, celebrated and selfied with a selfie. But Jesus would never have done such a thing.
We are all acutely conscious of our gifts, and encouraged not only to exercise them, but to trumpet their existence to the world. Sure. If our faces were glowing, it would be on Twitter before you could say ''Jesus Christ Our Father in Heaven. Amen. ''
Jesus is called by the New Testament as the most humble man who ever lived. His humility was not forced or false. He did not know his own glow because he was not the pre-eminent subject in his own mind. At the greatest moment imaginable in his short 33 years on Earth, rather than exulting in his encounter with God the Father, Jesus is literally unaware of the tears on his own face. He was not absent-minded, but rather very present-minded on things that mattered. Such as the Resurrection!
In our strutting and self-congratulatory age, Jesus stands as a man made Son of God who achieved the pinnacle of greatness and walked humbly with our God, our Father.

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