Monday, February 23, 2015

Academia not wanting to be left out in the cold, is shining spotlight on Cli-Fi genre, too


Cli-fi is not just a short easy to remember term for newspaper headlines and book review sections. It's also becoming a HOT WORD among academics worldwide, and not just in the English language. Professors and researchers are writing academic papers by the climate refugee boatland now about the rise of the cli fi genre, one academic even calling it "the mushroomin genre of cli fi", and journals are now publishing papers on cli fi and calling for more papers in the future via CFP tweets and bulletins. CFP stands for Call For Papers.

Among the journalists preparing a major news story about cli fi and academic is Jennifer Howard of the Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington DC, where she has the backing of her editor Jennifer Ruark. So stay tuned for a very good and thorough piece of reporting on cli fi in academia.

Universities around the world are following the cli fi meme now, from Monash University in Australia to UCLA and Tufts in the USA and McGill in Canada and Oxford in the UK. Academics writing in Danish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew are also purusing the meme in academic papers and journals.

Cli fi has jumped the shark. It's everywhere now.


1. the academic community that focuses on eco-criticism and
environmental literature and sci fi studies and dystopian studies --
academic journals in USA, UK and Australia so far! - with over 5 cli
fi journals already published by these academics -- with
participation of top academics worldwide, film studies people,
American novels experts, etc -- from Jon Christensen at UCLA to
Stepheanie LeMenager at Univ of Oregon (she was main focus of NYT news
article on April 1, 2014) and Asher Minn and Rowland Hughes in UK and
25 more -- CLI FI has come to academia and THAT is the story here for

On Nov. 5, Margaret Atwood will deliver keynote speech at ASU, in
Arizona, for their new academic unit studyign CLI FI novels and
movies. !!!! Maybe that would be a good news peg for you.?

at ASU, professor Dr. Ed Finn is coordinating all this and is the go
to guy for info and quotes there. Jon Christensen at UCLa is also
involved in cli fi now. A colllege in the midwest is launching the
world 's first CLI FI MOVIE AWARDS as an annual event at their annual
sustainability film festival which has already been held for 6 years
and the movie awards are dubbed THE CLIFFIES. Monash University in
Australia is also a leader in cli fi studies. -- David Holmes and Kate
Rigby and Andrew Milner there. all PHDS.

Jennifer, this is BIG in academic now. Look into it. Maybe the ASU
Atwood thing is news peg? And also academic publishers are doing CLI
FI nonfiction essays and PHD papers on cli fi studies, including UVA,
Universtiy of Virgina Press, with publication of major study called


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