Thursday, February 19, 2015

An editorial in an American newspaper picks up the cli-fi term for the first time in a lead unsigned editorial

THE LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL in Louisville, Kentucky made history today when in an unsigned lead editorial on its editorial page, the writer wrote: "While many people like the snow, others don’t. In any event, before anyone complains, they should look to Boston. Beantown is buried so deep it looks like the set for The Day After Tomorrow, the dystopian cli-fi movie about a sudden onset of the next Ice Age, due to climate change."

NOTE: This is the first newspaper in the world, and certainly in the USA or Canada, to pick up the cli-term in a lead editorial about the weather and climate issues, even if the editorial writer did so in a jocular, humorous way, and citing the very bad movie about climate change that had the science of global warming entirely wrong, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Still, this is a good editorial, as the cli-fi meme finds its place in more and more news outlets and publications worldwide, serving to issue an important wake up call about climate change.

NEXT: Watch for lead editorials citing the cli-fi term in such newspapers as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, and the Miami Herald. The Louisville Courier-Journal led the way! I wonder who that editorial writer is? Anybody know his or her name?

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