Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First Polar City Themed Movie Script Penned

The first known movie script using polar cities as a theme for the location and storyline, in the year 2600 or so, has been written by a team of scriptwriters concerned about global warming. It's a spec script, which means that no Hollywood producers have seen it yet, and it was not commissioned by anyone. But the existence of this script marks the first time the concept of a "polar city" has ever been used for a Hollywood movie or TV script. Bravo to the writers! The short story may never be filmed or shown on TV, but the very fact that a group of writers has taken the idea seriously means that the concept is worth thinking about. It begins like this:

[GENRE: Science Fiction
LOGLINE: A minstrel seeks shelter in a polar city in the future, but
can they use his skills?
1. Opening Image: Ragged, drab farmers harvesting in the fields,
sweating in the unbearable heat. We'd think we were in the Dark Ages,
except for the futuristic, self-contained city gleaming in the b.g. 1
2. Theme Stated:
3. Set-up: SIRENS BLARE, warning of the coming hydrogen sulfide gas.]

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Anonymous said...

"I think we are going around in circles, getting nowhere drip by drip. Everyone in the blogosphere makes good points, both pro and con, and they all make sense.
But I fear that humankind — not just America or the UK or France, but humankind, entire planet of X billion people — will not act early enough or adequately enough on global warming until it is too late to act to make any difference. I fear this, but I hope it’s not true. Still, consider the facts. Consider human history, human nature…

Just as 9-11 was a wake-up call for the West, and the USA in particular, and a terrible wake-up call at that, I think that a global warming “event” that might take place in 2121 A.D. (and therefore let’s call it the “2121 event”) might be the wake-up call for humankind on climate change. Until then, we will keep on muddling through the days, with the denialists and the scientists talking past each other year by year. 2012. 2015. 2050. I don’t think much will change, given our current lifestyles and comfort zones.

So maybe the 2121 event will wake the world up. I have no idea what that event might be. And it might take place in 2222 or 2323 or 2424. But surely, it’s coming.

Politics, schmolitics. Science, schmience. Despite the voices of Lovelock, McKibben, Hansen, Lynas, Monbiot, Pearce, Kunstler, Gelspan and others, very few people are listening….

But let the debate go on, yes. If nothing else, it might serve to focus our view of life on Earth."