Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Meet CLI FI GUY. When he graduated from college, Tufts 1971, he had no idea where he was heading but he always knew he was heading SOMEWHERE. As a writer, he tried his hand at writing a novel, submitted it to a publisher in New York and waited for a response. Two years later, they said sorry. CLI FI GUY did not give up his dream to make a difference, to do something in life that would have an impact on other people, not just a job to make money and become famous, or boost his career opportunities, no. CLI FI GUY was headed somewhere but he just didn't know where for sure. So he headed out to Italy, Mexico, the USSR, Iran, Israel, Greece and France. He went to Alaska for 12 years, too. Nome, Alaska, too. Then, still not sure where he was headed, he sold his car and his apartment in Alaska and headed over to Tokyo for a five year sojourn in the Land of the Rising Sun. Then he hopped over to Taiwan and stayed put for a while. CLI FI GUY is now working in Taiwan as a climate activist and PR consultant for the CLI FI meme, helping to push the emerging new literary term to NPR, The Guardian, FT, Dissent, The New Yorker magazine, New York magazine, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, TeleRead and Alaska Dispatch. Yes, this is the CLI FI GUY, the lone popularizer of the new term you have been hearing so much about, and will be hearing more as time goes on. The CLI FI GUY feels that climate novels -- CLI FI -- have a lot to say to the generations living today and which will follow in the next 30 generations. So now that you've met CLI FI GUY here, get ready to follow his future trips arond the globe, what one might call the "mondialisation" of cli fi as a new literary genre.

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