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Get ready for a variety of disasters, but be optimistic for 2012 and 2013? No way. We are headed for major climate chaos disasters in next 50 years, Dr Lin!

Reviewing here a new book by Dr Lin Chong-pin of Taiwan, who went to Bowling Green State University a long time ago, and which appears in Chinese Mandarin only so far:

The much talked about year of 2012 has arrived. Inspired by the Mayan prophecy that some fake Armageddon was supposed to arrive on Dec. 21, 2011, a rush of movies, books, and theories has triggered widespread concern among people around the world.

Nevertheless, former ROC Taiwan vice defense minister Dr Lin Chong-Pin offers new perspectives in his new book titled ''Global Shift: Exploring the Roots of Rising Disasters''. Lin says that rather than taking the view that the end of the world is here or ignoring that such a day will ever come, it is more practical to focus on disaster preparedness and be optimistic for the future.

Weather Risk Explore Inc chief executive Dr Peng Chi-ming said at a press conference that the global economic cost of natural disasters last year was approximately US$300 billion, making the year the costliest ever. Lin said the end-of-days prophecies are nonsense, but admitted that natural and man-made disasters would become more and more intense in the years prior to 2020.

“Bundle up, it’s global warming” oped writer Judah Cohen wrote in the New York Times on Dec. 26, 2010.

That is also the first sentence in Lin’s new book. CUTE!~

Dr Lin thinks that last year, the USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that 2010 was the warmest year since 1880, while the US National Oceanic; Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced in 2010 that the past decade was the warmest in 131 years.

Strangely, the warmest year also presented the coldest winter in Poland, the UK, Germany, the US and China. In other words, the term “global warming” is a simplification that is part of the increasingly extreme climate. It can only explain some of earth’s surface disasters, but it cannot sufficiently explain underground disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, disasters in space, such as solar storms, or mass bird and fish deaths and other incidents of unknown cause.

Lin mentioned that after studying climate changes over the past 100,000 years, scientists have found that fluctuations in atmospheric carbon concentration lagged behind fluctuations in atmospheric temperatures by 200 to 1,000 years.

Lin said this phenomenon, known as “CO2 lag,” meant that carbon dioxide levels could not have caused the fluctuations in temperatures. He said the fluctuation in atmospheric temperatures is primarily a result of solar activity and the number of sunspots.

Lin said the earth’s magnetic field is changing faster and faster, which could cause geomagnetic secular variations, geomagnetic excursions, or a geomagnetic reversal.

Although there is no consensus among scientists about the relationship between sharp increases in earthquakes and volcanic activity and changes in earth’s magnetic field, a connection cannot be ruled out. Changes in the earth’s magnetic field can cause disruptions on a global magnitude and have an impact on living creatures, but scientists believe that since the earth is still protected by the atmosphere, living creatures will not be exterminated.

Nevertheless, changes in earth’s magnetic field are undeniably a new challenge that humanity will have to deal with. Lin stressed that as global disasters are becoming more diverse, intense, frequent, and complex, we should lessen the impact of disaster by improving our own immune systems, finding green energy sources, and stopping the wrangling over whether global warming is man-made or natural.
facing the fact that polar cities might very well be the answer to survival of climate chaos survivors in the future. Yes, Dr Lin, POLAR CITIES: Deng Cheng-hong designed them here:



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林中斌维基百科,自由的百科全书跳转到: 导航, 搜索


出生 1942年5月7日(1942-05-07)
居住地 中華民國/ 美國
國籍 中華民國
研究領域 政治學、國際關係
任職於 美國企業研究院、淡江大學
母校 國立台灣大學、鮑林格林州立大學、洛杉磯加州大學、喬治城大學
著名成就 《China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy》



目錄 [隐藏]
1 學歷
2 經歷
3 著作
4 研究解放軍、美國政治、中共政治
4.1 料中台海飛彈危機
4.2 小布希問鼎白宮與連任成功
4.3 黑人入主白宮
4.4 北京可能不戰而主東亞
4.5 買台灣比打台灣便宜
4.6 台灣已失去台海空軍質量優勢
5 私人生活
6 參考資料
6.1 外部連結
6.2 參考文獻

[编辑] 學歷臺灣大學地質系學士(1965年)
鮑林格林州立大學(Bowling Green State University)地質碩士(1969年)
喬治城大學政治系碩士、國際關係博士(1978-1986年),他的博士論文即為《China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy》 (中共核武戰略)一書。
[编辑] 經歷1969年鮑林格林州立大學地質碩士畢業後任地質探勘師,服務於加拿大姜石滿礦業公司(Canada Johns-Manville Co. Ltd.)。於1974年發現美國蒙大拿州靜水白金(鉑、鈀)礦第一個露頭。1975年獲企管碩士後回任地質探勘師,1977年任職滿府磊企業公司(Manville Corp.)世界總部[1]。1978年辭職轉為喬治城大學政治系學生。
1986年9月成為前美國駐聯合國大使、喬治城大學教授珍妮·柯克派屈克(en:Jeane Kirkpatrick)的助理之一。
1987年1月得到博士學位後專任喬治城大學教授珍妮·柯克派屈克(Jeane Kirkpatrick)的助理。
1987年夏到1995年任華盛頓共和黨智庫「美國企業研究院」(American Enterprise Institute)專任學者兼亞洲部副主任。同一時期並先後任喬治城大學外交學院及政治系之講座教授以及兼任教授。
[编辑] 著作《China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy》 (中共核武戰略 Lexington Books 1988)
《PRC Tomorrow》 (明日中國大陸 NSYSU 1996)
《Democracy in Taiwan》(臺灣民主化 World Affairs 1992-93)
《China's 1989 Upheaval》(中共1989之動盪 World Affairs 1990)
[编辑] 研究解放軍、美國政治、中共政治

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林中斌,(born on 1942年5月7日-),