Saturday, August 6, 2011

''Chien-Ming Wang’s grandfather found dead?'' asks Nick Lilja, sports reporter in DC

Washington DC sports reporter Nick Lilja asks if the news items on this story might b a ''HOAX''?

He writes: "Since coming to Washington, D.C. I’ve had a chance to cover the Washington Nationals. It’s been interesting. I know more about Chien-Ming Wang then I ever thought I would.

But I’ll be honest, I didn’t know this…

I received a comment on the website late Friday night / early Saturday morning from a [Taiwan-based freelance reporter and world blogger] that caught my attention – for multiple reasons.

It read as follows:

''Fast forward to August 2011. The grandfather of Chien-Ming Wang was found dead in a Taiwan park. Police suspect suicide.''

......Baseball pundits have expressed worry that the news of his grandfather’s death could pose a setback for the right-hander.

But so far, there has been ZERO media coverage of this family matter in USA newspapers or sports channels."

If you google: “Chien Ming Wang, grandfather” there is a single entry from a Taiwan news outlet that is nearly (if not completely) identical.

Yet, as stated above, no word in any American sports outlets. Interesting. Usually the Associated Press or Reuters usually has a pretty good finger to pulse of things like this. Then again, if this happened when Wang played for the Yankees, I’m sure it would have been all over the news. But since he plays for the Nationals… [nobody seems] to care.

So few that it hasn’t been reported. Unless it’s a hoax."


[So this blogger, whoever he is] ......might have the inside track on this.

.....maybe “he” knows what “he” is talking about?

I put his name in quotes because [I am not sure who he is...]

Interesting, to say the least. Puzzling is more the word I’d use, though.
NOTE: Top DC sports reporter asks this blog:
''Sir , I intend to ask Chien-Ming about his grandfather before I write a story, if I do at all. Can I ask what makes you so passionate about the topic?''

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