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王建民外公 公園自縊身亡

王建民外公 公園自縊身亡

【中央社╱台南31日電】 2011.07.31

台南市關廟區1名82歲 82 YEARS OLD 的黃 MR HUANG 姓老翁,今天清晨疑似在住家附近公園內的單槓自縊,被發現時已經死亡,家屬不知他為何想不開。黃姓老翁是旅美職棒選手王建民生母的父親。




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The Wang Jianmin grandfather park hung oneself dies the Wang Jianmin grandfather park to hang oneself dies [Central News Agency ╱ Tainan on 31st] 2011.07.31

Taina guan's temple area 1 82 year old of 82 YEARS OLD yellow MR the HUANG surname old man, in the park high bar hangs oneself doubtful this morning nearby the house, was discovered when already died, the family member did not know why he can'tlook on the bright side of thing. The yellow surname old man is stays in US the Major League Baseball contestant Wang Jianmin birth mother's father. The police pointed out that this morning about 5:00 receives the populace to report, claimed in a guan's temple area park high bar area some people hang oneself, when the police and the fire fighters rush, discovered that the old man ties up doubtful by the electric wire production on the high bar hangs oneself, already non-breath palpitation. The police find out the dead are 82 year-old Huang Xing the old man, has not left behind the posthumous writings. The family member pointed out in the danger signal that the old man usually has hypertension, yesterday only then brought from the family member to the hospital to look examines, did not have the unusual form before last night sleeping, did not know why couldn't look on the bright side of thing. The yellow surname old man's neighbor said that after Wang Jianmin is born, adopts for kisses uncle to nurture, the yellow surname old man is not Wang Jianmin's grandfather in name, but Wang Jianmin each time returns to Taiwan, still will arrive at the guan's temple to visit the old person. The yellow surname old man handles matters the low key, ever not on own initiative mentions with Wang Jianmin's relations, but still very much cared about Wang Jianmin's performance.

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