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Meet French writer of climate fictions (cli-fi) Mr Yann Quero


Meet French writer of cli-fi Mr Yann Quero

WIKIPEDIA in French notes: Yann Quero was born in 1966 in Paris and he is un romancier et essayiste français de science fiction, également auteur de poésies sur des styles asiatiques (pantouns, haïku, tanka). Of Irish origins, Mr.  Quero grew up in New Mexico state in the USA close to to Roswell before coming back to settle down as a writer in France.

With the University of Florida's IMAGINING CLIMATE CHANGE forum on Feb. 17-18 having invited Yann Quero to be one of the guest authors and speakers, here is a brief introduction to Mr Quero's work in France.

Since Cli-Fi.Net is an international cli-fi blog with an international audience, a cli-fi writer from France is coming to the UF forum, too, Mr Yann Quero. Some background news about this fascinating man is here:

In a recent email to this blog, after I made contact with him via his publishesr, Mr Quero told me:
"Yes, indeed, I  wrote several climate fictions, notably two novels" : 

"The White Man's Trial" ("Le Procès de l'Homme Blanc"), in 2005.
 "The Future Will No Longer Be What It Once Was" ("L'avenir ne sera plus ce qu'il était"), in 2010.

''And I also edited an anthology of short stories by 14 authors on climate change:
"Global warming and after..." ("Le réchauffement climatique et après..."), in 2014.

[So far, those books have only been published in French].
Yann also noted:
"I am also very fond of Japan, where I have been several times. By the way, two of my "Japanese" short-stories has just been re-published by the magazine "M@nuscrit" (n°18 and 19). 
"Fukushima's cats" and "Hayashi-san's Green Headband".
If your blog readers can read French, they can have a look at the following links:

another story more linked to global warming has been published in daily newspaper "Liberation" in 2013:
In addition,

here is Yann Quero's very interesting blog, in French:

Finally, here's a list in which his books figure, as well as two of French cli-fi novelist Jean-Marc Ligny's books as well, a list readers of this blog may find interesting:

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