Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame wonders what sort of greeting should replace the handshake in this day and age of swine flu: welcome to the SHOULDER-TOUCH

Scott Adams the cartoonist and all-around funny guys allows that one of his corporate spies recently informed him that several firms in the USA are already telling their employees to avoid shaking hands as a way to lower the risks of swine flu. Scott wonders: "I can see this sort of policy catching on. My informant wonders what sort of greeting should replace the handshake."

There are few times in history when you have a chance to create a new and lasting custom. I say we put our collective minds together and come up with a business greeting that involves no skin-to-skin contact and no exchange of bodily fluids.

Note to Scott: I nominate the shoulder-touch as seen on this blog (below earlier post). Google it. Hat tip to Professor Solomon in Maryland who first broached this subject with his book about UFOs, in which he described a similar human to alien shoulder touch greeting. I thought to myself: THIS MIGHT BE AN IMPORTANT WAY FOR HUMANS TO GREET EACH OTHER IN THIS AGE OF PANDEMIC SWINE FLU OUTBREAKS!

From Professor Solomon's book: "Can I Smoke Aboard a Flying Saucer?" (pdf)

"He raised his right arm and I thought he was going to shake hands. But he laid his open palm down on my left shoulder, which was evidently their form of greeting or salutation."

This, Scott, is exactly what we need now: the shoulder-touch! Try it out. It works and it satisfies your criteria above.

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