Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apply Now for the First Model Polar City Residency, Summer of 2012

We are now seeking crew members for the first Model Polar City in 2012 modelled somewhat on what the Mars Society does. Our tests are set to run from November 14, 2009 and April 18, 2012. Come and join one of the world's most important climate change adaptation projects!

Interested parties should send a resume to us here, and then fill out the optional online application (which will help speed the review process) before the September 15, 2011 deadline.

Applications should include your full name, contact information, three references from a work or school environment, resume, projects for your rotation, and should list all crew rotations that you would be available to participate in, plus the crew position (engineer, biologist, geologist, journalist, etc) that you are seeking. To enhance your chance of finding a crew rotation it is very important that you list ALL slots that you could participate in.

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