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BOOK NEWS: ''Earthships'' (the second novel in a 3-part series by Bonnie Jane Hall) is now available on Amazon

''Earthships'' (The second book in a 3-part cli-fi series) is now available worldwide...

SUBTITLED: ''Earth’s Blue Sky, Will Our Children Remember?''

AUSTIN, TEXAS: -- Word, and ''Word of Mouth'' is getting around. Bonnie has done 8 radio interviews for the books over the airwaves in Texas in the last two months.

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This news for the fans of Bonnie Jane Hall's ''Earthships'' novels, a series of three cli-fi novels set in the distant future. You will find the paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Below is a brief description of Book 2.

The new story begins with the wedding of Laurel the protagonist, and Sage Halley, a recently discharged U.S. Marine who was stationed in Libya. He and Laurel met on a train traveling to Rigby, Idaho in Earthships Book 1 in 2030, where they saved the lives of all the people on the train.

Laurel’s extended family, including her parents and siblings, her husband’s family and a family of immigrants are living a 1950s-farming life-style with the advantage of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technology in a socialistic America.

Laurel’s father, Forester, is a former soldier and environmentalist who takes on the planet’s corporate enemies that endanger him and his family. The family has to deal with the burning of the rain forest and other disasters that create road blocks they must overcome to survive.

Some 90 percent of the heat in the atmosphere is now in all the oceans, resulting in huge and powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones. Babies are born, and Laurel and her family continue to grow food to save people and teach them how to be prepared. We are fragile creatures living in a dangerous world where we must build our fortresses underground in the cool silent Earth.

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New Cli-Fi Novel Series by Bonnie Jane Hall Warns of the Greatest Disaster in Human History

New Cli-Fi Novel Warns of the 
Greatest Disaster in Human History. 
Book 1 appeared in 2017.

Book 2  is out  now in June 2018.

Book 3 will be published in the future.

There are also links to the print and Kindle versions of Book 1 in the series on Amazon. [The second book in the series had a June 2018 release.]

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Texas novelist Bonnie Jane Hall is the author of ''Earthships," a 3-part cli-fi series: with first book subtitled "Growing Up In the Climate
Shift.'' The book is a futuristic novel that uses scientific research, but creates
reader interest through a strong female protagonist and story. 

Hall spent the last 20 years studying the works of climatologists and other scientists
before writing Earthships, she said.

According to Hall, “Hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria were
enhanced if not caused by climate change. She quotes scientist Neil
deGrasse Tyson, “50 inches of rain in Houston! This is a shot across the

Hall comments that, “We are experiencing more intense killer
hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, fires and earthquakes due to global
warming.” “The Gulf Stream has been on fire with 33 percent above normal highs
after averages never above 73 degrees,” said MIT’s Norm Chomsky.

Hall goes on to say,”The hottest year on record was 2016. This heat
enhances the intensity of weather-related events and the worst is yet to
come and sooner than we can imagine.”

''Earthships: Growing Up in the Climate Shift'' is the first in a series of three cli-fi novels by Hall and the series begins in 2030. 

It follows a family’s struggle to prepare
for and survive the disastrous effects of climate change and to build
underground self-sustaining fortresses to protect animals and humans. Hall
remarks that, “Readers will gain many practical ideas for taking positive
action and survival skills as they face more intense climate catastrophes.”

Maya Agger said the following in a review of book 1, Earthships: “This is one
of the best science-based fiction books I have ever read! It is a neglected
subject in this genre and this book gives the reader a lot to think about in
terms of awareness and what they can do to change things for the better. It
will change your life!”

Dan Bloom, editor of The Cli-Fi Report writes: “Earthships goes where no cli-fi novel has gone before -- underground. I am looking forward to the entire 3-part series.”

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