Monday, November 13, 2017

Creativity and 'Cli-Fi' in an Evolving World

Creativity and 'Cli-Fi' in an Evolving World

What we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT

Welcome to What we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT, a public service for the planet that uses creativity to tackle climate change.
Founded in the first part of the 21st Century, THE CLI-FI REPORT, has spent the last decade working with a global community of creatives to help produce and market cli-fi novels and movies in English-speaking countries and beyond.

What we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT has inspired more than 25 million people to live more sustainably and dream of a better future.

But with no solution to climate change getting any closer, and with the consequences of that looming ever larger, more needs to be done. Enter THE CLI-FI REPORT

We need to roll up our sleeves and take issue with modern life, challenging all the assumptions and behaviours that lead us to make Earth-unfriendly choices so often.

So that’s what what we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT and there's more to come.

What we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT is to take on the unsustainable status quo, putting the most damaging industries, institutions and traditions in our sights and offering imaginative solutions in their place. Novelists and movie directors are responding. Literary critics, too.

Our goal is to make sustainable choices as desirable as unsustainable ones through compelling creative that is researched rigorously, argued originally and made vivid through powerful novels that speak to readers, films that speak to movie fans and ideas that point to the future.

By looking at life a little differently – at its culture, or behaviour or politics – and offering thoughtful, provocative alternatives, what we do at THE CLI-FI REPORT empowers everyone to live a little more aware of where things stand every day.
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