Friday, October 28, 2011

Coco Lee-Bruce Rockowitz tie the knot

HONG KONG — The beautiful and talented 30-something Coco Lee (李玟) tied the knot the other day in Hong Kong with Canadian billionaire boyfriend Bruce Rockowitz [ אֶלִיעַנָה ] in a posh wedding under a
Hebrew wedding canopy in fragrant China.

Well, not really China, but the ex-British colony once called The Fragrant Harbor (“Hong Kong” in Chinese) that is now a sub-autonomous region of Communist China, which means that freedom and democracy there are now at risk.

Still, it was a very capitalist wedding, and what seemed like half the celebrities of Hollywood were there, even though nobody has ever heard of Coco Lee outside of Taiwan or Hong Kong. She can sing though, and dance, too, and it’s a shame she has never been able to break through the Yellow Ceiling that prevents Asian singers from breaking into the American pop music mainstream.

Truth be told, Coco can sing as well as Mariah Carey and she’s even more beautiful. But for some reason, the North American music industry does not admit singers from Taiwan or Japan or Hong Kong (or Communist China) into its ranks. It’s not racism per se, but it’s racism nonetheless.

Asia has some of the best singers in the world performing live to huge audiences there, but crossover to North America? No way, Jose. For some odd reason, Asian faces and Asian accents are not accepted in the North American music business and that’s a shame. You’re missing some great stuff!

Meanwhile, back to the wedding of the century. Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez were there, and so was a Very Wang wedding gown and some jewels “sponsored” by Piaget.

According to May Daily in Beijing, “the two-day celebrations started on Thursday evening when the couple held a Jewish ceremony at the Sky 100 Observation Deck” and ended the next day with Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo performing at the sweet 36/52 wedding party.

Rockowitz, yes, a young-looking baby-faced 52 mensch, has been president of the Hong Kong-based Li & Fung Group for the past eight years, and he and Coco look set to enjoy their sunset years jetsetting
around the world in high fashion.

Will she continue singing? You betcha! She’s good a voice that does not quit, and some day a Grammy might come her way. She deserves one!

As for Bruce, he’s in 7th heaven and set for life.

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