Friday, July 8, 2011

The Angry Luddite explains it all for you

Why we need to unplug from time to time, and why reading on paper is vastly superior to reading off, yuck, screens. You call this reading? No way.

The Angry Luddiite  has a hunch that reading on screens via pixels or E Ink

should\not be called reading per se, but "screening" -- a new term he

has coined for what we do on screens when

we read, as you are doing here. TAL says you are not reading this

post but screening it.

Agree or disagree? He also has a hunch, unproven of course, that

future MRI and PET scan tests on the brain will show that different

parts of the brain light up when we read on paper compared to when we

read off screens, and TAL says paper reading is superior compared to

screen-reading for three major things: information processing, memory

and analysis. Of course, TAL admits he might be wrong. What's your

take on all this?

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