Wednesday, October 6, 2010

網路忠告 -- ''DIGIRATA'' - A 'Desiderata' for the Digital Age -- translated into Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan by Tracy Li and Jacky Lin

Dear Friends in Taiwan,

當你慢慢地點擊網路上的連結並接收 KUSO 訊息 的同時,記住,你生活原有的寧靜正被連根拔起。











快樂,要快樂!用最簡單的符號做到所有的可能,並努力做個快樂的 24/7, 偶爾離線放鬆一下吧!

----------------------------- (c) 2010 ----------------------------

[words by Dan Bloom, American writer in Taiwan]
[translated into Mandarin Chinese by Tracy Li at Chung Cheng University in Taiwan and Jacky Lin, editor, CCU graduate now working at Chiayi Christian Hospital in Taiwan.]

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Anonymous said...

translation back to English from machine:

DIGIRATA advice on Internet use

"Go slowly amid the KUSO video links and all the network's linking distractions, and remember to take it easy and live tranquilly and unplug often

May be together harmoniously in the network with all people, also possibly completely is not that a matter.

If maintains the friendly relations, do not accuse other human or the participation network humiliation, the network track.

Calm and inputs your idea and the feeling clearly, then reads the words which other people said that they also want to transmit the good story and the idea.

Is far away from matter which in the network the angry person said that specially these feudal bullies.

If you have the tribe standard, that embraces the interest to pause in own tribe standard!

Remembers, this is works as the fine tribe guest's good skill - Gan Batte!

Once you must provide to somebody time individual material please careful, is likely the electronic mail address or the telephone number, because in the world fill many person of wishes to steal your password, individual material, even your money!

In network, so long as you thought that you momentarily may listen attentively to the friend to speak, perhaps he is the tribe guest, perhaps is in the face book friend, but please excessively do not access the net, you always require a time to capture the computer plug, then enjoys each week well “the network rest time”.

You are one several time child, therefore you have the authority to enjoy network's infinite possibility completely, enjoys happily!

The network world is very cool, but also carefully, because some people want to penetrate the network to injure you, to harass you, do not let them prevail!

Please remember: Although and network all question coexistence, but it was still a beautiful on-line world.

Joyful, must be joyful, the mark makes all possibilities with the simple, and makes joyfully diligently 24/7, occasionally the off-line relaxes!