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Nancy Willard in Oregon, working on cyberbullying and Internet safety issues, has created what she calls the DigiDesiderata and it's going public today: FULL TEXT SHE WROTE BELOW: urgent, important, vital, spread it around. See copyright info below first, however.

Nancy writes at her website:

re "DigiDesiderata"

Do you believe in synchronicity? In mid-September, I was contacted by Danny Bloom, a wonderful gentleman who had written a digital age version of the Desiderata. He wanted to use this document to help prevent cyberbullying.

At the same time I was working on a document for Facebook to provide to teachers to help them teach social networking safety (forthcoming) and the manuscript for a book for teachers on teaching Internet safety (Corwin Press, forthcoming).

With Dan's inspiration and support...... I wrote a new version.

What astounded me was how well all of the concepts I felt were so important fit into Max Ehrmann's original beautiful 1927 work. What I also have discovered is that the younger generation has no knowledge of Erhmann's 1927 poem or work. It is definitely time to for a renaissance of the original. He lived 1872 to 1945. Terre Haute, Indiana man.
Harvard Law School.

I am developing some beautiful posters using fiber optic photos and a YouTube video. These will be available soon. The sales will support the ongoing work of CSRIU. I will also have a reproducible version for teachers, along with some teaching recommendations. *Copyright information is below. TEXT FOLLOWS


Desires of the Digital Age

Go placidly amid the texts and tweets and remember what peace there may be in unplugging. As far as possible, be on good terms with all persons in the global digital community.

Post your text, pictures, and videos in a way that reflects well on who you are and the passion you bring to your life. Think before you post or send anything in electronic form.

Read and politely comment on what others have posted, even if you disagree with their perspective. They too have the right to post their opinions. Avoid aggressive cyberbullies, flamers, and trolls. They are vexations to the digital spirit.

If you compare your profile and number of friends with others, you may mistakenly think you are “hot” or “not.” Seek quality, not quantity in your online friending.

Enjoy your online activities, as well as the time you spend doing fun things with real people in the real world. Make sure the time your spend online does not interfere with your education, career plans, and personal relationships; for a balanced life is essential in this chaotic world.

Exercise caution when reading information on web sites or in messages you receive; for the Internet is full of trickery, scams, phishers, and those who promote hatred and bias.

But also recognize the wonder of an environment that gives everyone, especially the oppressed, the opportunity to express their own truths; for out of many truths expressed online by people with higher ideals may come higher truths. And everywhere online there are Internet heroes who speak out against harm or file abuse reports.

Be yourself online or, where appropriate, create an avatar. But do not engage in theft, deceit, or abuse, or seek to coerce someone to send you a nude sexy image. Always remember, just because you can, doesn't make it right.

Recognize you can form wonderful relationships with people online. Relationships are grounded in healthy communications and sharing, which is the essence of the Internet.

Read and follow the Terms of Use for the web sites you use, as these are grounded in the principles that support the well-being of all users on the site.

Connect safely. Use the privacy protections. Know how to detect when you are at risk, and how to effectively respond if someone sends you hurtful messages, distributes damaging material, or sends overly friendly messages in an effort to exploit you.

But do not fear you will always be at risk online; for the vast majority of people do not wish to cause harm or to see others harmed. Make a commitment to be kind and respectful to others and expect the same in return.

You are a child of the digital age, no less than the texts, messages, blogs, tweets, and clicks. You are a part of the emerging global digital community. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt this digital community is growing as it should.

Therefore be at peace with the electronic energy flow; for you are part of the great connecting. And whatever your online activities and aspirations in the multitasking cacophony of bits and bites, keep peace with your essential being.

Despite the immediate global distribution of images of destruction and despair, those who are now more effectively connected can better work to turn the darkness into light.

Be part of the light. Strive to be :)

© 2010 Nancy Willard

Permission granted to reproduce this in text format for non-commercial purposes under the following conditions:

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3. Mention of the availability of posters. Additional use under a license is possible.


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