Friday, April 30, 2010

The ''Chen Shu-ju'' story in Time magazine: is it true or a bit embellished? TIME will tell.

Chen Shuju endures the foot pain to sell the vegetable daily


Chen Shu-ju, even with the recent honor in TIME magazine, woke up early yesterday and greeted her regular customers as usual, nonplussed by all this worldwide attention. She told a reporter:  “Oh, all this news about me, it is not important! I've got vegetables to sell.I've got to do my work.”

Taitung vegetable vendor Chen Shu-ju was honored ny "TIME" ..yet  yesterday as she has done every day she got up at 2:30 am and prepared to greet the day and her customers in the early morning market where she plies her trade. She doesn't make a lot of money but she is know for donating lots of money to help others. Surely a good woman. Surely a Buddhist soul. As for flying to the USA to receive her award from TIME magazine, she said she has never flown before and does not even have a passport.

How did this Cinderella story happen so fast? and is it true or embellished? First a regional Asian magazine nominated Mrs Chen for an award for her charity work. Then the Taiwanese newspapers picked the story up and put her photo on the front pages. Now TIME magazine has given her its blessings too. But is the story as true as the media is saying? Where does Mrs Chen really get all her money. Inquiring minds want to know.

recently she was been sick with a cold and some inflammation of her legs.... So she is not sure if she will got tot he USA for the TIME party....

Family of Chair Lu Lihan Taitung Arney color Buddha child indicated that Chen Shuju the one breath donated them the other day 1,000,000 Yuan, is more than 40 for year biggest pen donations, but he also repeatedly reminds Chen Shuju to be again good to himself a spot, does not want each meal always to eat the bowl noddles or to eat meal matches the melons pickled insoy, pays attention to oneself health. The Chen Shuju foot because of the honeycomb organization inflammation, until now has not convalesced from last August, every day takes the pain-killer to stop pain first, worries about sells the vegetable, lets her not give up leaves the stall to look examines.

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