Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oprah Winfrey lists 7 top ''Cli-Fi'' novels in April 2019 issue of ''O'' magazine

The Day on March 20, 2019 when JEOPARDY TV show with Alex Trebek as host used the cli-fi term as a clue
Jeopardy’ goes ‘cli-fi’ on Alex Trebek show, while Oprah Winfrey boosts genre
Oprah Winfrey magazine ''O'' goes ''Cli-fi'' with list of 7 top ''cli-fi'' novels
Waiting for another 'On the Beach' novel about climate change in the 21st century
Cli-fi (climate fiction) on the big screen changes minds about real climate change
News.Google.Com for cli-fi news links:
For an extensive bibliography, see "Cli-Fi in American Studies: A Research Bibliography'' by Susanne Leikam and Julia Leyda


The latest ''cli-fi'' news links


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In case you missed it, a new ongoing feature at the CHIRB.


Burning Worlds is Amy Brady’s new monthly column (named after JG Ballard) examining trends in climate change fiction, or “cli-fi.”

In her first piece, she spoke with the man who coined the term “cli-fi” (Dan Bloom) about his reading suggestions.

**** Next month, in MARCH, she'll speak with science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson about his forthcoming novel, ''New York 2140,'' set in a partially submerged Manhattan.



“Burning Worlds” is a new monthly literary column by Amy Brady dedicated to examining important trends in climate change fiction, or “cli-fi.” Debut: February 2017

Can Cli-Fi Save the Earth? No, but....   

Dan Bloom Hopes "Cli-Fi" Will Sway Some People

A Literary Hub article by Boston journalist James Sullivan:

 ''Climate science and cli-fi – where data intersects with art,'' an Oped by Cat Spark in Australia, author of her debut cli-fi novel LOTUS BLUE -

How the literature of 1816 has inspired the creation of 'cli-fi'

BBC News-2016年9月2日
The last few summers have been the hottest on record, but 200 years ago people experienced a very different problem after the 1815 eruption ...

Climate gadfly coins literary term to save the planet – 'Cli-Fi'

Independent Australia-2016年10月5日
"I'm a cli-fi missionary, and I'm hoping to make it eventually to Australia and end my days there. A cousin of mine from St. Louis, Mark Epstein ...
From Beijing, China newspaper:


这类体裁的作品常称为“气候科幻”(climate fiction, cli-fi ),简而言之,就是探讨气候变化可能带来的极端后果。 其实此类概念也并非新鲜事物。19 ...



The Exhaustion of Literature: Croatian literary activist Dubravka Ugrešić

DANIELBLOOM said... - by Susanne Leikam and Julia Leyda - Cli-Fi in American Studies: A Research Bibliography

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