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''Climate change in fiction,'' an oped written in 2013?

January 23, 2017 A.D. "Anno Donaldo"

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A climate activist coined the phrase cli-fi to describe a new genre of fiction that deals with climate change. A reporter for the Christian Science Monitor went further to say, based on an April 20, 2013 NPR report by Angela Evancie, that “Cli-fi describes a dystopian present, as opposed to a dystopian future, and it isn’t non-fiction or even science fiction: cli-fi is about literary fiction.”

Given that many books discussed as being cli-fi are set in the future, some might  go a step further to say that the genre is a subgenre of sci-fi and speculative fiction, and of course related to climate change, whether it is set in the past, the future or the present.

In 2013, a literary critic wrote an essay for Dissent Magazine, headlined "The Birth of a Genre: Cli-Fi" which discussed climate change in literature. Something she said about the cli-fi books included in her essay still resonates today.

''[Cli--fi novels] refashion myths for our age, appropriating time-honored narratives to accord with our knowledge and our fears.''




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