Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Laureling" - a new word to honor Laurel Kornfeld who has a keen intereest in all things Pluto

A gentleman on the bloggysphere, proposes:

"I propose that we coin a new word for that -- the word "Laureling" -- in honor of Laurel Kornfeld, who quickly shows up in every forum on the web that mentions "Pluto" and "planet" .....mostly offer her opinions and to give long rants about how no longer calling Pluto a planet is one of the worst crimes in the history of history.....Hi, Laurel! (She'll likely be posting in this thread as soon as this shows up in Google searches.)"

Okay, done. Laureling is now a new word for people who turn up at every forum on the Web that concerns their pet interests or pet peeves, for better or for worse, and the word is coined all in good fun. Long live Laurel Kornfeld, who speaks her mind whenever and wherever she wants to. BRAVO!


Laurel Kornfeld said...

Well, what can I say, but thank you! I'm a writer whose name is now a verb! Who is the original blogger that made this proposal? I'd like to thank him or her personally. Most people comment anonymously on Internet forums, but I use my name whenever writing about something about which I have strong convictions. After all, if a person really believes in his or her convictions, why hide behind anonymity? Why not put one's name behind those convictions?

Here's a sentence using the two new verbs "to pluto" and "to laurel."

"Arrogant authority figures who pluto people or ideas for no logical reason can expect to be laureled on the Internet for many years." :)


Dear Laurel,

Yes, your name has now entered the books, the history books, the Internet lanes, the information superhighway side streets. BRAVO. More people should go
''laureling" to find out the truth about things, pro and con. Yes yes yes.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to find and contact me and for
informing me about this. Do you have the link to the original blog
post where this comment was made? [DANNY SAYS: "I WILL TRY TO FIND IT AGAIN. IREAD IT SOMEWHERE ONLINE LAST NIGHT HERE IN TAIWAN."] I cannot find it. All I found was
another blog that quoted it while praising my efforts. Please send me
the original link if you have it.

I agree that so-called "obsessions" are interesting. Our culture seems
to have a bias against anything viewed as an "obsession," associating
it with stalkers, terrorists, etc. This is a value judgment that fails
to acknowledge that some of the greatest advances in science and some
of our greatest works of art were done by those "obsessed" or to
better put it, single-minded about their subjects.

I did check out your blog and will read more once I am done with a
10-12 page project for my astronomy class. "

-- Laurel Kornfeld

Lunar Mark said...

Bravo! I approve! I was 'laureled' once but I have mended my ways!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Laurel! Your crusade we all support for truth well deserves this honour :D

Discombobulated said...

This is funny, but there's already a word for this:

It predated Laurel's pet obsession by a number of years, so I would argue prior art. And it doesn't give legitimacy to fanaticism over minutiae.

Laurel Kornfeld said...

Fanaticism? Support for Pluto's planet status is a legitimate scientific viewpoint.

The IAU is just unhappy to have someone this persistent actually make progress in bringing down their terrible definition. :)

Discombobulated said...

8 minutes? Tell me that's not fanaticism.

Laurel Kornfeld said...

Are you sure we're in the same time zone? I'm in EST.

Could be just luck; I usually subscribe to responses on my comments.

Let's see how long it takes me to write a 300-page book. My goal is to get it done by mid-September.