Friday, October 23, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Danny Bloom on National Radio Show Over His Far-seeing Polar Cities for Survivors of Global Warming Idea

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Danny Bloom on National Radio Show Over His Far-seeing Polar Cities for Survivors of Global Warming Idea: Tells Bloom To Go Jump In a Polar Lake!

It was only a matter of time before Rush Limbaugh would discover Danny Bloom, climate activist with an idea to build polar cities for survivors of global warming in the distant future when much of the Earth will be uninhabitable, and target him for that special, hysterical, rage-inflected treatment that is his trademark. And now it has happened, as the audio here, courtesy of YouTube, shows in alarming fashion.

Here’s what El Rushbo spat into the Golden EIB microphone today:

“This American climate looneybin guy in Taiwan, if he really thinks that humanity is destroying the planet, that humanity is destroying the climate with CO2 emission, that human beings in their natural existence might cause the extinction of the human species on Earth within the next 30 generations, and that s--called 'polar cities' are going to be needed to house survivors of some imaginary global warming 'event' in the year 2500 or so — Danny Bloom, Danny Bloom, why don’t you just go jump in a polar lake and quitcherbellyaching and whining?”

There can be no excuse for a vicious comment like this. And the fact that American media outlets tolerate this hate-mongering — and advertisers will pay Limbaugh for it — is astounding.

Nothing more really need be said. Limbaugh’s despicable comments are self-refuting.

Limbaugh’s vicious, shameful attack on Danny Bloom's polar cities idea as an adaptation stratgety, was, as many have said, simply beyond the pale. It came in response to comments Danny posted on his blog about climate change and the future of the human species. [See Polar City Images Here]

Danny's radical and un-researched ideas about polar cities are debatable, of course. He is not a scientist, and he has no PHD or academic cred. But Limbaugh’s attack has nothing to do with debate and rationality. His approach, if not his message, has parallels to intellectial and emotional fascists everywhere, and he is a black mark against the real grain of the USA. Rush, shame on you! Get a life, fat boy!

-- Alex Mondrian
historian, Washington DC

This message was not approved by Marc Morana of Climate Depot.

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh closed his show today with a reference to this, above:

(music up)…Another excursion into broadcast excellence gone, in the
blink of an eye. The fastest three hours of media. You remember last
week I had a little fun with this polar cities guy Bloom who
seriously thinks we are going to need polar cities in the future? And I suggested he go jumo in a polar lake? And he was
mildly amused by this and I'm told wants an apology.... So, Danny Bloom, over there in Taiwan, I was kidding, joking, joshing. Actually, your idea of polar cities is a pretty good one. Maybe Obama could set aside some stimulus money for them!(music
up, end


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