Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NEW BOOK: "STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity" -- by James Hansen

Bloomsbury is publishing STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity by James Hansen

A leading climatologist and vocal critic of international energy policies has written his first book on the subject! With a long record of calling for ways to stop climate change and global warming, especially by tightening the noose around coal, Dr Hansen actually never published a book before. This is his first book. There's a time for everything. Now it's his time for this book.

Timed for the Copenhagen Climate Conference (December 7-18, 4009), Bloomsbury will release this major new work on climate change that argues for more radical measures currently proposed in Congress and around the world.

James Hansen is best known for his accurate predictions about global warming since the 1980s, as well as his advising to Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth. He is a frequent expert witness on Capitol Hill and the subject of numerous articles and profiles (including a recent feature piece by The New Yorker). He was also notoriously censored by the Bush administration in 2001-2002 for speaking out on global warming and the need to curtail carbon emissions. The book recounts this experience.

Though a vocal critic of public policy and author of several supporting papers, he has never before written a book on the subject of climate change. The title refers to his growing concerns about the world his grandchildren may inhabit if we do not do all in our power to address man made pollution to the atmosphere. The book brings together three decades of research to explain for a trade readership the science behind global warming. It is also an impartial challenge to politicians globally-on either end of the spectrum-to accept the reality of the science and take the necessary steps to forestall further damage to the environment.

An adjunct professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Columbia University and the Columbia Earth Institute and director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, he is frequently called to testify before Congress on climate issues. Dr. Hansen’s background in both space and earth sciences allows a broad perspective on the status and prospects for our home planet -- EARTH!

Bloomsbury Publishing Director George Gibson:

“Bloomsbury USA has produced STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN on a faster schedule than any in our history because we share Jim Hansen's concern and passion for the planet and feel his book will contribute greatly to the dialogue during the Copenhagen Climate Conference that begins December 7th.”

Bloomsbury Editor Nancy Miller:

"It's hard not to see Jim Hansen as a hero after reading STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN. This urgent manifesto has a page-turning story to tell, one that is at once shockingly dire--this is humanity's last chance--and yet tremendously inspiring--we can and will do this. Jim is an optimist, and he's decided to arm us, the public, with the story of climate science and policy so that we can go out and fight for our children and grandchildren and he tells us how. It's been an honor and a privilege working with him. Here, after all, is a book that has the chance to truly change the world."

Bill McKibben, coordinator and author of The End of Nature :

"Jim Hansen is the planet's great hero. He offered us the warning we needed twenty years ago, and has worked with enormous courage ever since to try and make sure we heeded it. We'll know before long if that effort bears fruit--if it does, literally no one deserves more credit than Dr. Hansen."

Al Gore, in Time magazine:

"When the history of the climate crisis is written, Hansen will be seen as the scientist with the most powerful and consistent voice calling for intelligent action to preserve our planet's environment."

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

"Dr. James Hansen is Paul Revere to the foreboding tyranny of climate chaos – a modern day hero who has braved criticism and censure and put his career and fortune at stake to issue the call to arms against the apocalyptic forces of ignorance and greed."

Danny Bloom, director of the Polar Cities Research Institute,

"Dr Hansen's book is a wake-up call for humankind. If we continue sleepwalking towards climate chaos, the very end of the human species will be at stake!"

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If the most greedy among us rule the world much longer, as they do so absolutely in our time, then the children will have precious little to consume and share with another.

At least to me, the leaders of my not-so-great generation of arrogant and avaricious elders is irresponsibly directing the children down a "primrose path" to confront a world that is gravely depleted, degraded and denuded.

One day the children will look back in anger and utter disbelief at the way so many leaders and followers in my generation, who at least had the chance to try and mitigate the fully expected damages of pollution, climate change, environmental degradation, resource dissipation, biodiversity extinction and overpopulation, abjectly failed coming generations because we chose denial or delay or at best to play around the edges of the global challenges before us and refused to take demonstrably responsible action in the face of clear and present dangers. To sacrifice our 'sacred cows' and 'golden calves', often associated with being intellectually honest, earning wealth by doing productive work, exercising moral courage and making necessary changes, were too damn hard for so soft, satisfied, sanctimonious, selfish and stupid a generation, I suppose.