Thursday, July 30, 2015

Invited to an Asian 'cli-fi' conference on ''Micro-blogging and Journalism''



Dear Mr Bloom of the Cli Fi Report -
I am writing about a symposium we  are organizing in Asia with my colleagues from the University, and we would like to invited you to attend -- all expenses paid.  The theme for the event is ''Microblogging and Journalism in Asia nations.''  Several people from Micro-Nesia will also attend. It it will be held at the University there.

There will be about 20 invitation-only participants from free and democratic Taiwan where freedom of the presss is important, ......from Communist and media-controlled China,....... and from semi-controlled now by Communist China SAR of Hong Kong .....and 2 from New Zealand and the Philippines.
We wanted to ask you, Dan,  if you would like to attend as a participant given your active social media profile and journalism background. Also environmental media will be a theme as we plan to getting some environmental journalist from Commie China also.

If you available to do this, all flights will be paid for by the council and 1 night accommodation. You will be looked after by staff from the University and would stay at the University dorm.   You could stay longer of course on your own time.


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