Friday, November 7, 2014

"SNOWPIERCER" cli fi movie star Chris Evans shoots commercial in Taiwan

"SNOWPIERCER" cli fi movie star Chris Evans spotted shooting commercial in Taiwan

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"Snowpiercer'' cli fi movie  star Chris Evans was spotted shooting, decked out in military gear, for a commercial shoot in northeastern Taiwan Thursday, a local TV station reported, according to a CNA report by Christie Chen.

Photos from TVBS showed the 33-year-old wearing a tight green T-shirt under a tactical vest and camouflage pants and wielding an assault rifle while standing on top of a car at a rundown shipyard in the northeastern city of Keelung.

Another photo shows him surrounded by other actors and crew members working in what TVBS said is a commercial for a Communist Chinese video game company from Communist Beijing.

The news station reported that a two-story tall screen was set up to hide the filming, and workers and security personnel were reportedly patrolling entrances and exits.

The SNOWPIERCER actor was staying at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Taipei and is expected to stay for five to six days, according to the report. 

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