Monday, November 17, 2014

2 informal reactions to cli fi term and INTERSTELLAR movie in Taiwan

Two Taiwanese email correspondents I have never met in person tell me their feelings about INTERSTELLAR movie and the rise of CLI FI as a new movie genre:========= Hello, Dan,======== The movie ''Interstellar'' is interesting . I love science fiction novels & movies. I have read Fundation & Robot series (Isaac Asimov), A journey to the entre earth,20,000 leagues under the sea (Jules Gabriel Verne) and other novels.=========== I think the most interesting things about science fiction novels is that the event in novels could be happen in the future. you told me that you concern about CO2 issues. The world in the Movie,Climate became worse and worse,======== the planet no longer be suitible for people to live. it just like the situation we face today, but we don't have the technology in the movie, to travel around the galaxy so far. If the climate got worse, people have no place to run.======== so we should do something , make less pollution ect.====== Time traveling is another interesting issue in the movie, the ideas in the movie tell us that time can be slow down but never went back in 4D world. if we made time traveling machine in the future. i would like to see the future world, ========== what does it look like? the natural views still the same? or became concrete jungle.======== 2. Hi, Mr. Bloom,========= Thanks for informing me that the term, Cli Fi, should be more suitable for the movie like "Interstellar."=========== I realize your argument that these movies about stories based on the climate changes should be given a new term different from the traditional sci-fi. Indeed, "cli-fi" movie reveals new problems different from the previous sci-fi movie depicts.======== From the viewpoint of "Cli-Fi," there will be new aspects of consideration. Readers will pay more attention to the "problem" we humans are facing now. The word, "Climate," is powerful. It's a warning.============== I am a blogger writing essays about movies as well. I have written several articles about "Interstellar" because, for people in Taiwan, the "science" based Cli-Fi (Sci-Fi) is a little bit difficult to understand. My purpose of writing is to analyze the story to arouse audiences' interest in such movies.========== As for "Interstellar," it's a good movie, very brave to say a lot of things about "soul," "spirit," "god," and "ghost." The movie also tries to give a "reasonable" answer. I appreciate it a lot.=========== Thanks again for reminding me the new term, Cli-Fi.========== And later, I will blog this term cli-fi and give a short introduction of the cli-fi power and the award that Director Chiu in Tainan recevied for his cli fi children's movie WEATHER BOY! (the CLIFFIES award as part of the first annual CLI FI MOVIES AWARDS given out internationaly.========== . you have done something good for human beings on Earth, good hearted ojisan!^^

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