Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global Weirding - Tom Friedman is Weirding Out! -- Girlyboys? -- Two good comments here about POLAR CITIES and the future of the human race. NSFW

Bubba in
Maryland said at the NYTimes comments after-article on
February 17th, 2010:

Dear Tom
Excellent article. Part of the problem is that understanding why global climate change is occurring, and how it will effect life on earth requires some understanding of thermodynamics and chemistry. For many people, that isn't possible. There was a time when Einstein was universally lauded for his theory of Special Relativity even though the vast majority couldn't (and still can't) explain what the theory is about. We now have a large anti-intellectual movement in this country that simply denies or ridicules any aspect of science that they do not understand. Scientists (and the work they performed) were once highly regarded by those who often did not understand the science, but were willing to accept the possibility that there may be persons having a greater intellect that did. Now, for the anti-intellectual movement, scientists are just the "pointy-headed" enemy.


Peter Y in
San Francisco, CA added:

dear Tom,

Lose the double chin sir, you are overweight. It should be called "rising sea levels" since this is the problem we are most concerned about. Rising sea levels are irrefutably measurable and clearly going to cause some major expense as the coastlines recede. Why are the sea levels rising? Because the ice caps are melting. Why are the ice caps melting? That doesn't take a scientist to figure out, especially if we are all agreed that the sea levels are rising.

"Global warming" just makes people think we will get more arable land at the cost of some biodiversity.

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