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Taiwanese TV animation series "WEATHER BOY!" wins ''best animated cli fi award for kids in 2014

Taiwanese TV animation series "WEATHER BOY!" wins ''best animated cli
fi movie award for children" from U.S. movie awards project


REPORTED from RTI - Taiwan Central Radio / by Miss Jiang Zhaolun

A Hollywood movie awards program called THE CLI FI MOVIE AWARDS and
dubbed THE CLIFFIES -- and curated from Taiwan by American climate
activist Dan Bloom -- awarded a BEST CHILDREN'S CLI FI TV SERIES AWARD
to Tainan animation director Mr Chiu. Taiwanese director Chiu Li-wei
produced the animated TV series "WEATHER BOY!" and got the award for
"the best climate for children animated series in 2014."

Chiu Li-wei said that global warming is a big problem facing all of
humankind, and he hoped that his TV series for kids with convey not
only educational values, but also to Taiwan's efforts in this regard
to be seen.

To imagine the theme of CLi Fi movies in Hollywood movies is already
quite common type. At the end of 2014 the American independent media
person Dan Bloom set up the "Cli-Fi "independent film awards,
highlighting the importance of climate change issues. BLoom is from
Boston in the USA and lives in Taiwan. He curated the movie awards
program from his office in Taiwan via Internet and email and Twitter
and FB, he said.

Chiu Li-wei and his Studio2 team in Tainan made the DVD and TV series
for kids as Taiwan's first cli-fi cartoon, children describe
protagonist Jamie Taiwan from Taiwan to Switzerland with his father
observatory to study observatory is developing a flat through time and
space, virtual reality Habitat climate simulator and see a simulation
process like apocalyptic scene. They found that the reasons for the
destruction by humans, they commence immediate action in an effort to
deliver the message out, hoping to save the planet.

Chiu Liwei said that the tragic destruction caused by global warming
on Earth is imminent, have a relationship with everyone, he hopes to
tell a story through animation, which allows parents and children to
see the movie in the process learn more. He also revealed that he
deliberately highlighted in the film in Taiwan so that Taiwan plays an
important role in the international fight against climate change.
"I feel more a sense of participation. Chiu Li-wei said: "Taiwan needs
to have and show to the world a Taiwanese perspective up to
international issues. "

''It took 18 months before planning to produce, will be converted into
abstruse scientific terms everyone can accept the story, the process
is very hard, so Cli-Fi access to the United States' best animated
children's series Climate," Chiu said. About receiving a CLIFFIE from
the curators of the CLI FI MOVIE AWARDS in Hollywood, he was happy. Of
course he was very happy.

Chiu Liwei, said most of his creative issues with animals, ecology,
environment related topics, he is currently being prepared, "Barkley
the Cat," the film version of the animation, narrative story of a
child into the animal of the city, is expected to be released
simultaneously in summer 2016. March will be conducted in Mandarin
Daily News comic strip.

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