Monday, August 13, 2012

Negative book review goes like this:

Dear Sir
I have read your climate novel and it is one

of the worst books I've come
across this year.

The characters are one-dimensional, the dialogue is stilted and often

[unintentionally] hilarious, the situations are merely a series of cliches derived from any number of other "end of the world" stories. There is

little about the book that appears to be truly original, or is presented with any sort of literary skill beyond the most rudimentary -- the book's "prologue" rant is so ham-fisted and clumsy that it's almost funny.

I understand your personal stake in this book, as you are deeply invested it seems in the "ideas" in it. But that is all that it is

-- a single vague idea, and not a terribly original nor a very carefully considered at that, about a single eventuality that might be extrapolated from the science and speculation that surrounds the topic of global climate change, that has been churned into a slapdash series of anecdotes about uninteresting characters and there unimaginative


Perhaps there is a decent work of fiction that could be crafted from

this little idea of yours. And if you and your publisher (and editor, if you even HAD one!) are pleased with

the results of your efforts in writing a novel, then, and releasing it to the world, then, really,

that's all that matters.''

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