Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wasserstiefel (''Water boots'') - photo by Roman Signer (1938 - 2009)

Artist statement

Signer is a visual artist who works in sculpture,

photography, and video. Signer’s ‘action

sculptures’ involve setting up, carrying out,

and recording ‘experiments’ or events that

bear aesthetic results. His work has been

shown at numerous galleries and museums

in Europe, North America and Asia over the

last 30 years.

“For Water Boots I filled two black boots with

water and put a small amount of explosive in

them. This is what the water looked like when

I fired them electrically. Before starting, I said

to my brother-in-law who was with me:

‘Stand in front of it and take a picture when it

explodes.’ He had neither a tripod nor a

motorised camera. He just stood there, pressed

the release, and came up with a masterpiece.”

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