Friday, April 23, 2010

Pfizer pillwalling pilltaker who just wants to know if it's kosher to break Lipitor pills in half or not, yet Pfizer PR department remains silent as they try to pillwall the patient, who is after all a Pfizer customer. I guess Pfizer does not care about the people they are supposed to be serving....even Bruce Roth the inventor of Lipitor must be turning over in his's a sad day when the US medical pharm community starts pillwalling hapless pilltakers.....oi

developing story, NEW YORK TIMES is on this now.

NEW YOK - Pfizer finds itself in a fancy pickle of a funny situation with a heart patient who has lots of patience but still wonders why the PR department at Pfizer does not respnd to his clarion calls for clarification of the pill popping issues here......

A news story in the making, front page NEW YORK TIMES:

by Natlie DeAngelo
New York Times Medical Reporter

NEW YORK -- Danny Bloom had a massive heart attack late last year and now he's having another heart attack -- minor this time! -- over some fuzzy instructions of the heart medicine he's been taking to keep his ticker ticking.

It all comes down to this: Pfizer, maker and seller of Lipitor, says on its website and in full page ads in national magazines that patients should not break their tablets in half to take half dosages, even when told it is okay to do so by their cardiologists.

Bloom, a stent in his stented heart, wants an answer. Pfizer refuses to tell him anything in black or white and merely stonewalls the stonefaced former stoner, now 61.


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