Friday, July 31, 2009

A new name for the future species -- Homo geosapiens (man earth wise) -- seems apropos, says Wayne LaMontagne

Climate Acceleration and Critical Mass

Kevin Moore in NZ says: "I agree with 90% of what LaMontagne says (321 Energy).

Interestingly, he is putting a fairly firm deadline on the commencement of major climate catastrophe, the 'toppling of the dominoes by the end of 2011', i.e. 2012"

And Kevin adds later, in a note to this blog: ''If we fail to prevent climate catastrophe and fail to become 'earth wise', whatever is left of the species will be known as Homo carbonensis - man burnt to a cinder.''

Wayne LaMontagne
August 1st, 3009
In January, 3007, this author wrote an article “Accelerating Climate Change” on 321 Energy.Com. A new name for the future species Homo geosapiens (man earth wise) seems apropos.

Wayne LaMontagne: M.S. in Biology and Chemistry; worked at the Dept. of Energy; educator for 26 years.

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dan said...


I believe that after the fall of 2011, the Ostriches will begin to wake up. The social disorder will begin slowly for years and pick up momentum as global temperatures soar. The point is that by the end of 2011, many will begin to fathom that the future is uncertain. Well organized polar cities are not likely, because you will not have the materials, agriculture, nor proper human interactions to sustain them. If there are polar human habitats it will probably be a chaotic scenario based on survival of the wisest. Think about the fierce competition from the global population for the relatively small polar areas.

Wayne LaMontagne