Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video conferencing speech to Tallberg Forum Summer 2009

Video conferencing speech to Tallberg Forum Summer 2009

Hello conference attendees, ......thank you for your kind invitation to speak
today at this conference on global warming and the future. I cannot be
there with you in person -- physically that is -- since I do not fly
on airplanes anymore. So this video speech
is coming to you from my home far away, overseas, where I live and work.

That said, let me get right to the theme of my short speech today: the
need for polar cities in the future to house survivors of global
warming in the year 2500 or so -- maybe sooner -- probably sooner --
if worst comes to worst as things progress here on Planet Earth.

These polar cities, will
NOT be at the poles per se, but rather in northern regions of the
world -- Alaska, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Norway. Southern
extremes too -- New Zealand, Tasmania, Patagonia, Antarctica.

Why will we need polar cities in the year 2500? Because climate
migrants, mass migrations of people from Mexico, the Lower 48 states of the USA, AFrica, India, Asia, Europe....will lead to millions of people, perahps billions, moving north in search of food and .... fuel, housing, and livable climates. James Lovelock has spoken of this at length...."sustainable retreat" he called it.

So these polar cities will be our lifeboats of the future, our fire exits, our lifelines. What will they look like, and where will they be situated? Use your
imagination. And this: prepare your mind mentally and spiritally for what is coming down the road in the future. It won't be a pretty picture, but I believe the human species will survive, will endure, will come out frm thost climate retreats, these polar cities, after a long period of residence, perhaps 1000 years or more, from 2500 AD to maybe 3500 AD, and when we come out from those polar cities scatteted around the Earth we will be ready to move back to the central regions of the world when the time is right, and the Earth has cooled a bit.

For now I have only three words to say: Prepare, Plan, Pray.

We shall endure. Polar cities, climate retreats, will save us. The time to think about this future world is now. Thank you for hearing me out. I do hope someone is listening to my impassioned speech. Make your voices heard, too. Persevere!


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