Saturday, May 30, 2009

E. O. Wilson

"A few hundred years down the line, they'll look back and say the dark ages began with the twenty-first century," says E. O. Wilson, an award-winning evolutionary biologist and professor at Harvard University.


J Lee said...

I have said for a long time (i am 28) that we are in the dark ages right now. Technology is in its infancy. Math and science clearly true however religion still widely believed in. Our people are far to conceded and hard headed to really know where concieve of our place in time. But rest assured some will make it. Our strain will live on much wiser from our early mistakes...



good points and thanks for commenting here and joinmg the Interfray, a word i coined today and posted at

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"Whatever the Interati think of the new search engine introduced last week, the real test will come when the public decides its worth."

-- Overheard in a newspaper office in Los Angeles where editors were discussing how to write an editorial about a new search engine that was still searching for fans.