Friday, August 22, 2008

"Polar Cities" survival movie: We have a script!

We have a script being written now as we speak. Read on.

However, we must be a little careful in releasing details of the movie. The writers have written parts of the script already, so we have a script... but I cannot talk about the plot at this stage. People are still talking about and discussing a title. That will come later, as will financing. Things will change. But we have a script, and we have forward momentum. Release date? These things take time. But this is a good start.

We cannot say too much ....because ... well, you know why. Copyright and all that!

"Danny, you've apparently put a lot of thought and good design work via your artist Deng Cheng-hong's illustrations into Polar Cities, but as you know the idea is not patentable per se - as you know, other movies have talked about life underground in a dystopian future (Twelve Monkeys, A Boy and his Dog, etc). Deng's drawings are a great starting point for the set designs," one of the team members tells me.

He adds: "Talking about the movie in very vague and tantalizing terms will be good for attracting interest and curiosity, and possibly financing. Do feel free, also, to mention when you talk to the media about your polar cities project that our movie is about survival in the far distant future in so-called 'Polar Cities' along the Arctic Circle, and it will includes flashback scenes from early 21st Century -- 2010, 2015 -- that show how humankind got to that point."

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