Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Polar Cities: Relocation of U.S. Congress to Anchorage, Alaska in 2500

It is possible that there might need to be plans for the relocation of U.S. Congress to Anchorage, Alaska in 2500 A.D. due to catastrophic events caused by global warming 500 years in the future. This would include both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The U.S. Congress would be housed at that time in some of the buildings on the campus of the University of Alaska - Anchorage. See photos above.

The Northern White House (google this) will be located in Juneau, Alaska, as discussed on this blog earlier. [See archives.] New York City, renamed, New York North, will have relocated to Fairbanks, Alaska as well. [See archives here, too.]

This is not a prediction. This is mere speculation. It is part of the ongoing ideas being juggled in the air today about polar cities and global warming. You do not have to believe me. You do not even have to think about this. You do not even have to take this blog seriously.

But for those who are interested in such ideas, THINK ABOUT IT.


Lloyd said...

umm If Washington DC is underwater than anchorage will be too.

dan said...

Llloyd, thanks for reading. Parts of Anchorage might be under water, but I am talking about the highlands of Anchorage, I am sure you know the area, and also the mountains nearby, too, they will house the Congress buildings. Sure, the coastline will be a different place than now, but the growing seasons will be perfect for growing food to feed the many survivors of global warming in 2500, and the Congressmen and Congressowmen who live up there then.

But again, this is NOT a prediction, just mere speculation to get people THINKING about the mess we are in NOW, and to take action NOW to try to mitigate climate change NOW, not later. NOW!


Paula Thomas said...

It may happen rather sooner than 2500!! Could McCain's choice of running mate be part of the planning?


dan said...




University of Alaska Anchorage said...

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dan said...

dear UAF and UAA and UAJ students, i used to live in alaska 1979 - 1991. i was edifor to the Cpatil city weekly in juneau in 1985, i gave it its name. I lived i Nome for two eyars, 1981=83. Worked aat Noem Communiotyu college. I love alaska.....write me at danbloom at GMAIL dot dom anytime and let's cahgt about polar cities and CONGRESS RELOCATES TO ALASKA in future...i am serious...i am climate activist, age 60, feeling 19

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