Friday, July 11, 2008

New York City To Relocate to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2500 AD: Polar City North?

As global warming gets worse in the coming 500 years, New York City will be relocated to the Fairbanks, Alaska area where it will be called "New York North" and house survivors of global warming's disastrous events that will make much of the Lower 48 states of the USA uninhabitable. South of New York North in Fairbanks will be the Northern White House in Juneau, Alaska, relocated from Washington DC which by 2500 will also be unhabitable. So New Yorkers get ready: Manhattan is moving north, way north, not today, not this year, not soon, but within the next 500 years for sure. Your descendants will no longer live in New York City, but in New York North.


PRESS RELEASE: for release anytime before December 31, 2499

New York will be abandonned en masse by year 2500 as global warming causes Lower 48 states of the USA to be uninhabitable as population is forced to move north in search of livable temperatures in Alaska and Canada and Russia, and in search of food and wood fuel.

By 2500, New Yorkers will be living near Fairbanks, Alaska to survive global warming events that will flood Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and JFK International Airport -- and where food and fuel will be non-existant. A "Lovelock Retreat" [also called a polar city] called NEW YORK NORTH will serve as a lifeboat for New Yorkers who will be transported to Fairbanks by government orders over a period of years, with the willing and able going first, and the sick and elderly going last. It aint gonna be a pretty picture, but it's important to get ready for all this now, at least in terms of being mentally prepared for this coming dark period of human history.

However, even though NEW YORK NORTH will be in Fairbanks, centered around the buildings of the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, and even though the White House will then be called THE NORTHERN WHITE HOUSE and will be located in southern Alaska in Juneau (the state capital), humans will survive this period of human history and over a period of severa generations, perhaps many generations, perhaps as many as 30 generations until the year 3500, people will survive and come back down to the Lower 48 states when the climate has readjusted and food can be grown and stored there.

But get ready now -- at least in your imagination based in 2008 -- for NEW YORK NORH in Fairbanks, Alaska. Your descendants will be living there, not in Manhattan -- in 2500 or so.

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