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關於「orwellian nonsense」的報導圖片 (來源:立場新聞) 中共如何被吊打— 從「歐威爾式胡言亂語(Orwellian Nonsense) 」說起 立場新聞-2018年5月7日 日前美國白宮公開直斥中共把其“Orwellian Nonsense”(歐威爾式胡言亂語)強加於美國企業和公民,這措辭之強硬是前所未有的,那根本是公開吊打 ... 美批中「歐威爾式胡言亂語」 典故引自名著「1984」 世界日報-2018年5月5日 中國被批歐威爾式胡言亂語——那你知道歐威爾的意涵嗎? TechOrange (新聞發布) (網誌)-2018年5月9日 中國施壓航空業者更改台灣稱呼白宮重批:歐威爾式的胡鬧 Yahoo奇摩新聞 (新聞發布)-2018年5月5日 美批中「歐威爾式胡鬧」 起源英國名著《一九八四》! ETtoday-2018年5月5日 極權主義代名詞歐威爾式廣為使用 深入報導-自由時報電子報-2018年5月6日 關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:自由時報電子報) 自由時報電子報 關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:TechOrange (新聞發布) (網誌)) TechOrange (新聞發布) (網誌) 關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:Yahoo奇摩新聞 (新聞發布)) Yahoo奇摩新聞 (新聞發布) 關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:ETtoday) ETtoday 關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:新頭殼) 新頭殼

關於「orwellian nonsense」的報導圖片 (來源:立場新聞)

UPDATE: July 8 -- and NOW TOR the sci fi firm in NYC


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So Orwellian nonsense it is!

中共如何被吊打— 從「歐威爾式胡言亂語(Orwellian Nonsense) 」說起

TechOrange (新聞發布) (網誌)-2018年5月9日
Yahoo奇摩新聞 (新聞發布)-2018年5月5日

[ LETTER ] - Taipei Times

關於「orwellian nonsense」的媒體圖片 (來源:自由時報電子報)


Appeal to SCifi Tor Books to stop kowtowing to Red China Orwellian nonsense
As readers who follow the news know, last month China sent a threatening letter to a large number of international airlines demanding that they change the country code for Taiwan (TW) on their schedules to China (CN), as dictated by Beijing’s “one China” principle.
However, standing up for Taiwan’s international space and presence, on May 5 US President Donald Trump’s administration issued a statement condemning China’s science fictional “demand” as “Orwellian nonsense” through which China was trying to impose its own political claims on private companies around the world.
It’s like the British novels Nighteen Eighty-four and Animal Farm have come to life in 2018.
Believe it or not, a major sci-fi publishing company in New York, the most prestigious science fiction publisher in the world, Tor Books, whose editors know all about the Nighteen Eighty-four and Animal Farm, also kowtows to Beijing’s “one China” nonsense by asking Taiwanese sci-fi fans who want to sign up at the Tor Web site ( to list their country on the site’s drop-down menu as either “China” or “Taiwan, province of China.”
Yes, the world-famous sci-fi Web site run by Tor Books does not allow Taiwanese sci-fi fans to list their country as “Taiwan.”
Yet as readers know, Taiwan is a free and independent democracy, which abides by international law and has never been a part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Chinese claim that Taiwan is part of the PRC is a silly nationalistic sci-fi illusion, with no basis in international law.
By forcing Taiwanese sci-fi fans to register on the Web site as being from either “China” or “Taiwan, province of China,” Tor’s editors and Web site managers are showing a terrible and naive bias to Taiwanese fans.
Tor’s editors are probably not even aware of this oversight on their registration form, thus this letter, and hopefully a change in the Web site’s current Orwellian nonsense.
I hope that Tor Books, once its editors read this letter, will do the right thing and stand up for Taiwan on its online registration form and show science fiction fans around the world that US sci-fi Web sites do not kowtow to China.
Signed, George Orwell

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