Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A ''cli-fi'' listicle for 2017 -- #CliFi #Scifi TENTATIVE, additions welcome, explanding as we speak...

A ''cli-fi'' listicle for 2017 -- https://cli-fi-books.blogspot.tw/2017/09/a-cli-fi-listicle-for-2017.html #CliFi #Scifi TENTATIVE, additions welcome, explanding as we speak...

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A cli-fi listicle for 2017, tentative and expanding it as we speak:

also added by Bill Junior via Facebook post:

I Am Legend by Matheson, Richard 1954 (disease)
The Drought JG Ballard 1964
Make Room, Make Room! Harry Harrison 1966
The Sheep Look Up John Brunner 1972
Vaneglory George Turner 1983
The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood 1985
This Is the Way the World Ends James K Morrow 1986
Drowning Towers George Turner 1987
The Sea and Summer George Turner 1987
Earth David Brin 1990
The Destiny Makers George Turner 1992
Mother of Storms John Barnes 1994
Genetic Soldier George Turner 1994
Operation Elbow Room: An Interplanetary Ecofiction Joseph J Phillips 1995
Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson 1997
A Friend of the Earth TC Boyle 2000
MacAddam Trilogy Margaret Atwood 2000...

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