Friday, August 11, 2017

Call for Stories: CFS -- Lifeplus2m is accepting cli-fi story submissions until September 15 deadline (see links below)

David Zetland writes:

''I am looking for READERS and AUTHORS for the life plus 2 meters project, which uses cli-fi short stories to help us think about how we might adapt (or might not adapt) to life in a climate-changed world.'']

''If you want to read volume 1, you can download it for free (or buy the paperback at the $5 cost) by going to the "book" tab on the menu.

''If you want to contribute to volume 2, then please see the "authors" tab on the menu.

''There will be small (but humble) $ prizes for the best contributions to volume 2.

''The deadline for submissions is  September 15, 2017.


From vision to understanding to action: The Kickstarter succeeded! We raised $660 for prizes! Now we’re looking for your visions for Life Plus 2 Meters, volume 2!

Life Plus 2 Meters (volume 1) is available in paperback or free PDF or Kindle!

Now back to the project description...

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