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CHIAYI CITY NEWS: Philippe Le Meur le conducteur -- le chef d'orchestre -- il est magnifique! And the entire ensemble of musicians, and singer!, and the accompanying administrative staff and travel guides, BRAVO BRAVISSIMO!

AND VOICI 16-year-old French singer Soline LeMeur singing Edith Piaf chansons in Chiayi with Harmonic Orchestra of St. Omer during an evening outdoor rehearsal. MUST WATCH THIS! 

CHIAYI CITY NEWS: December 19, 2016 -- The St. Omer orchestra made a very sweet and funny and gracious and warm ''teaser'' advertisement video (with voice over narration in English by Jean-Claude Philippot and a brief vocie over in Chinese Mandarin as well at the very end!) before they flew to Taiwan, by asking a local PR firm in St. Omer to make a short introdution video of the group getting ready to flew to Taiwan, by humorously checking out a map book in a local library to find the island NATION of Taiwan on the map, and by pointing to various humorous ROAD SIGNS poing the way to CHIAYI CITY, about 9875 kilometers away as the 747 flies! WATCH THIS TWO-MINUTE VIDEO FIRST. It really set the scene in a perfect perfect way, and done with French panache and pizzaz in a way that only French creatives can do. BRAVO. The video was shown in France first to raise funds for the long voyage to Taiwan, and it was also sent to Taiwan where the French office in Taipei put it on their Facebook page and sent it down to Chiayi City officials and reporters in south Taiwan so that everyone in Chiayi could have a teaser of what was coming their way. AND NOW THE ORCHESTRA is HERE, as the photos below show.

The video asked at the very end in French: ''Vont-ils trouver le chemin pour Taiwan?'' Which means "Will they find their way to Taiwan?" And the answer of course is YES THEY DID!!!!

''Vont-ils trouver le chemin pour Taiwan?''
The humorous teaser, with a very warm feeling to it, was made by PR guru Martin Peterolff in France for the Khulan Agency. A very nice gesture of international PR and warmth!

Philippe Le Meur le conducteur -- le chef d'orchestre de Harmonie de St. Omer of FRANCE -- il est magnifique! And the entire ensemble of musicians, and the singer of a combo of French chansons! -- the conductor's daughter -- and the accompanying administrative staff and travel guides, BRAVO BRAVISSIMO! (AND BIG THANKS TO M. JEAN-CLAUDE PHILIPPOT of St. Omer for speaking such fluent English to this blogger in Chiayi qui ne parle pas tres bien francais but he is trying.)

Vont-ils trouver le chemin pour Taiwan? (''Will they ever find the route to Taiwan and Chiayi?'')

Yes, they did find their way here and they were very welcome to be here, too. IN FACT, this blogger recommends the Harmonie Orchestra of St Omer to other ciites and nations around the world as one of the best groups of musicians anywhere on planet Earth! If you are looking for a very good orchestra to grace your festival stage in the future, do contact this group and book them for a future date. They are absolutely wonderful people and wonderul musicians with a top conductor par excellence oui oui oui!

FRANCOIS DECOSTER, the MAYOR OF ST. OMER also flew to Chiayi to be with his orchestra from the city he presides over as Le Maire. He wrote on his FB page: ''
''Je profite de quelques jours de vacances pour rejoindre, avec Bruno Humetz, l'Orchestre d'harmonie de Saint-Omer, invité d'honneur du 25ème anniversaire du Festival international de Chiayi : le grand concert de notre Harmonie dirigée par Philippe le Meur se déroulera ce mardi, mais déjà ce lundi soir, c'est devant une foule de plus de 1.500 Taïwanais, tous aussi enthousiastes que les deux Maires présents, dont celui de Chiayi, que les 63 musiciens audomarois viennent de se produire en plein air ! Quelle fierté d'entendre le public conquis applaudir à tout rompre à chaque morceau et prolonger le concert par un nombre impressionnant de rappels ! Une expérience incroyable pour toute notre Harmonie et ses accompagnateurs !''

''L'Orchestre d'harmonie de Saint-Omer a véritablement conquis le cœur (et les oreilles) des Taïwanais : le concert de ce soir a été un triomphe ! C'est le résultat conjugué du travail et de la passion : merci à tous nos musiciens qui ont fait rayonner notre territoire jusqu'à l'autre bout du monde !''

A very cute dancing 3-year-old in a Chiayi park during a French brass band rehearsal outdoors by the St Omer Harmomic Orchestra. YOU MUST WATCH THIS!

The Town Center, in Saint-Omer, France


The fantastic COOL drummer MAXIME SCHRIVE and his great drumming/percussuion crew. YANNICK , THERESE, and CHRISTOPHER! [The young boy in the photo is just 14 years old!]
''Sunday Afternoon in the Park With Philippe Le Meur'' (center) conducting his orchestra in an outdoor concert for a happy neighborhood along Renai Road, with children, parents and grandparents watching and LISTENING and enjoying the occasional segments of French humor as well, as the conductor (a very young and energetic man at age 51) used his charming movie star personality to entertain both the orchestra AND the audience of over 200 Taiwanese people, young and old.
Some of the people in the brass section, with a side profiled of Mlle. Soline Le Meur, the daughter of the conductor, who sang a fantastic mix of French chansons of Edith Piaf in a solo segment of the program, a capella as they say in Italian. By the way, the conductor's young son is also in the orchestra and was here in Chiayi, too -- Guillaume Le Meur! This is a FAMILY ORCHESTRA with many of the musicians in the band in the same family, mothers, father, sons, daughters! For example HECTOR and his mother, and the DRINKERBIER FAMILY: Caroline on clarinet, Sophie on flute, Baptiste on trumpet and father BRUNO on saxophone! Also Martin Peterolff is the orchestra's PR guy and cameraman, working for the Khulan Agency in Paris with his brother Simon, and their sister Anne Peterolff  on clarinet is also in the orchestra! And also look for Franck Tourneur on trombone, Denis Kowandy, Laurent Vandesteene and Andre Fichaux on trombone, too. AND 60 other fine musucians in the orchestra! More names will be keyed in here soon. Stay tuned!
One more round of applause for the marvelous chef of the orchestra Monsieur Philippe Le Meur (center) and his amazing musicians from St. Omer in nothern France, about 300 km north of Paris and about 30 km from Calais along the coast. In this photo, on the extreme left side, you can almost see the head of clarinetist Didier LeLeu!
The Orchestra de Harmonie of St. Omer consists of about 65 musicians, from ages 13 to 65, and every age in between, who made the journey from France to Taiwan by airplane and had the times of their lives being hosted by the gracious and friendly citizens of Chiayi City in south Taiwan, where the 25th annual Chiayi Band Festival took place in December 2016. And the MAYOR of St. Omer, Mr. Francois Decoster also made the trip to Chiayi to congratulate his St. Omer citizens and to also meet with the Mayor of Chiayi, Mr Twu. In addition, the former conductor for 30 years of the orchestra, prior to 2009 when Philippe Le Meur took over, Bruno Humetz also flew to Chiayi for the festival! Believe it or not, this orchestra was first set up in St. Omer in 1831 when Taiwan was still a nation in the making, long ago before 1911.

Bruno Drinkebier at Facebook

嘉義市國際管樂節 feeling excited.

法國聖歐瑪市立管樂團(Harmonie de Saint-Omer
謝謝法國聖歐瑪市立管樂團為 嘉義市國際管樂節 拍了如此精緻用心的宣傳影片!
在法國的街道上拿著管樂器與「嘉義 CHIAYI 9875km」的牌子,完全展示出他們有多麽期待來到嘉義!!!
12/17 「踩街嘉年華」
12/19 「中正公園戶外音樂會」
12/20 「室內音樂會」
#CIBF25 #嘉管25 #走到哪管到哪 #嘉義市國際管樂節 #嘉管

A very cute dancing 3-year-old girl dancing by herself with feeling in Chiayi park during the French brass band rehearal
Concert d'ouverture du festival.
Ça fait du bien de jouer un peu !

IN this PHOTO BELOW first one, you can see Mlle Le Meur, the daughter of the conductor Philippe Le Meur who sang a medley of French Chansons en plein air a capella in a fantastic solo segment of the outdoor show on Dec. 17th


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