Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Nicky Minaj Nipple Slip Has Crashed This Site Over 100,000 Times already? It's a nipple, folks. We all have em! Get over it, already!

Nicki Minaj GMA Nip Slip

Nicki Minaj started some people's morning right on Good Morning America the other day with a full on nipple slip on LIVE TV. God bless America, and Guess what America, Nicki Minaj is not a chocolate Barbie doll. She’s an actual woman with real nipples.

PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj

The accidental wardrobe malfunction occurred as she gave a spirited concert to hundreds of her fans in New York’s Central Park. GMA of course launched a thousand apologies for the the early morning nip slip. Hopefully not too many boys and girls were utterly traumatized.

What can you do? Nicki’s nipple went rogue.

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Anonymous said...

Crazily enough, that nip slip is
KILLING the servers! LOL.