Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Polar Cities: Future Living and Housing?

Robert Schmidl is a blogger in Germany who wrote this post about polar cities. Here is his very interesting blog about future cities:

Robert wrote:

As climate change has become reality it is just a matter of time until we face “big changes”. What happens if global warming causes the central and middle regions of the Earth to become uninhabitable for a long period of time?

Having this question in mind and having read a newspaper column by British chemist and inventor James Lovelock, in which Dr. Lovelock predicted disastrous warming, Danny Bloom teamed up with Deng Cheng-hong and set up a website showing designs for self-sufficient Arctic communities.

Danny Bloom, an American blogger and Deng Cheng-hong, a visual designer, both living in Taiwan, set up their page to get people to seriously consider a worst-case prediction of Lovelock: life in “polar cities” arrayed around the shores of an ice-free Arctic Ocean in a greenhouse-warmed world.

So according to Wikipedia, a polar city is a proposed sustainable polar retreat designed to house human beings in the future. Although they have not been built yet, some futurists have been giving considerable thought to the concepts involved. High-population-density cities, to be built near the Arctic Rim and in Antarctica, New Zealand, Tasmania, and Patagonia, with sustainable energy and transportation infrastructure, will require substantial nearby agriculture.

What do you think about this concept? Is it a future solution that could become true?

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